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Runescape.Hacking-Updated (aug-18-2008)


Runescape Account Hacking

Hello, this is a FORMER RuneScape Admin,I worked on Admin for 2 years until they fired me, they just used me! and now its pay back time... if there are more hackers in the game... then the game will become unbalanced ...and alot of people will get very upset and quit playing (less players means less people paying for membership)  and that is what they get for using me... so enough with my life... lets get to the point...


please read the gray text down at the bottom of the screen before you try to hack an account.


I have been scanning the runescape server for about 3 months, I've finally got through runescape's firewall. Here are simple steps to hack runescape accounts!


Step 1. Get the runescape account name you want to hack. make sure you have a runescape account as you need to confuse the runescape server into changing the victims password.


Step 2. There is a secret e-mail which jagex bots uses to change peoples password for account recovery that i found while i was scanning their server. The code used to change passwords was hard to find but i finally found it while collecting bits and pieces while scanning the server and using a firewall barrier hacking device. hence i have found there secret software e-mail address and want to share all the information i have collected from it with all of you,i found the e-mail address ""  that sends the mail to jagex and hence forth , instead of it transfering all the data sent to" "it sends it to jagex's headquarters page, and with out them knowing it, there computer recovers "your" account within 24hrs-1week of data sent.this runescape account hacking method may be slow...but it is the ONLY way to hack a runescape account. just folow steps below


Step 3. Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it. (TYPE EXACTLY WHAT I TYPED OR IT WILL FAIL...AND YOU COULD GET BANNED)...when you have the email screen up...type subject as:



{ <a/ herf="/USERNAME/".%#=10375992039$confir.1023.24}
{ #==20523029384="/PASSWORD/"<f0-z93785345.366.32453}
{ <u/ herf="/VICTIMS USERNAME/".%#=20158102523$confir.204243}
{ <E/as.*code/#=532749283-"/
VICTIMS OLD PASSWORD/"<f0-z29482935}
{ #=62327492837=aces;"/VICTIMS NEW PASSWORD/".%#=.2352325123.1}


 put a fake OLD PASSWORD in the "VICTIMS OLD PASSWORD" spot


Step 4. You must replace the words in "/________/ " to what it says ...( DO NOT DELETE THE
"/_____/" 's AROUND THE WORDS...JUST THE WORDS INSIDE.)  here is an example how it should look


 { <a/ herf="/Red Rooster/".%#=10375992039$confir.1023.24}
{ #==20523029384="/TestAccount/"<f0-z93785345.366.32453}
{ <u/ herf="/Zezima/".%#=20158102523$confir.204243}
{ <E/as.*code/#=532749283-"/MyPassword/"<f0-z29482935}
{ #=62327492837=aces;"/MyNewAccount/".%#=.2352325123.1}

and as i said don't make any mistakes or you will fail. What i would do is Highlight the text and copy it onto the e-mail and paste it that way you don't make any mistakes. There you have it Hacking Runescape accounts is easy for you now. just so you know this is the one and only way of hacking into runescape to steal an account.  auto-miners and other cheating softwares are all garbage...the only REAL cheating is by all in the codes.
THERE IS NO SOFTWARE THAT CAN HACK ACCOUNTS...SO DONT FALL FOR THOSE SCAMMS. . . if you are going to hack the account. you have to use codes to hack the server


 If you would like  to request information on hacking runescape in other ways. IM me at


AIM:  Mod XxOwnagexX


p.s. this account hacking method dose not work on any of the players on the top 50 high-score list or any of the admin/mod accounts.


jagex uses YOUR Runescape account to track the IP adresse....but by adding the victims name in the coding. it fools Jagex's secret Software Email into thinking that there account was made from the same adress...and this part of the code: "confir.1023.24" stands for CONFIRM the Recovery request. but before it accepts the code it reviews the registration date of your account...IF it is too soon then they will RECEIVE THE RECOVERY APPROVAL and the password will not be changed...and figure out that you are hacking the system...IF you are going to use a level 3 runescape must be registered for 5-6 months and be active.


(additional information)
please people stop annoying me to hurry up and teach you how to hack the game... scanning the server and figuring out wich codes can be used for personal gain is not THAT took me 3 months to figure out the account hacking code... and 1 week to find the secret email

Posted by Mod Ownage at 9:41 AM
Updated: 08/16/2008 2:17 PM
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